Monday, September 27, 2010

Let's Catch up...

It's clearly been far to long since our last post
and I apologize for that...
and dang it all no good excuses come to mind
but believe me our absence doesn't mean we've been in hibernation
Karli and I have been plenty busy...

If miss Karli wasn't busy enough
she now has little Plant #3
on his merry way!
YES if you haven't heard
She is having a BOY!!!!

This summer Karli also collaborated
with our very good friend
- Julie from Minitoko
If you haven't spotted this freebie yet
well then what are you waiting for?
YES it's free so click click click away my digi lov'n friends
but just come back you here me... :)

wait wait go back...
did you take a good look around Mini Toko Ville?
Pretty mind blowing right?
yeah if the digi kits don't make your head spin
the website design, craft tutorials,
and Julie's super retro cute family and home will!
ACK! Love it all!!!!
Check out Julie's blog if you still don't get what I'm giddy about!

Let's see so what have I been up to these days?
hmmmm well probably my most exciting news
is that I finally followed my heart and got a pixie cut
haven't had a bad hair day all summer!

I'm working on a new digi kit that I hope to have out soon
but it's been a difficult one for me to concentrate on
but who knows maybe with the weather changing
I'll finally have the drive to sit at my computer
like a good little girl

I wanted to share some new digi goodness
from etsy Artisan April Harris of Jane Says

Aprils shop is always an eye catcher
always full of happy colors and fun whimsical creations
so it is very exciting to see her work start to come to life
in digital form

Check out Jane Says growing line of digi products by clicking HERE!
April has generously offered Gnome-N-Birdy readers
her Dig-Love-Hearts kit FREE with any digi purchase made in her shop
Just mention this blog post in the note to seller
offer ends 12-31-2010

I just love how this page turned out!
Digi kits from