Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Doll Face I love you! + R U UP 4 A CHALLENGE?

When Karli and I started throwing out ideas for this blog
we compiled quite a long list...
the main goal was to create a community
for all us kitschy, kawaii, bright, candy colored gals
who love scrap-booking, crafting, and the like
we both felt like we needed a place to showcase great work
and fun new products
and in just a few months we have grown to 70 strong!
But we want to grow more!!!
and we don't want to just inspire we want to play!
with you!
So how 'bout it?
If you have any ideas, work you want to share,
or maybe a product you think we should showcase next
please let us know.
One of the things I want to start
are bi-weekly or monthly scrap challenges
with themes such as a color, item, or page theme
I especially love the idea of scrap-booking what you love.
We all love our families, friends, and pets
but what about favorite items you own,
a favorite book, song, or place?
well think about it?
And be sure to let me know if the idea interest you?

Todays collection is a great example of what I'm trying to say
All these scrap'n gals
(Click on pages for source)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Throw a Retro Sweet Birthday Bash

I thought you might enjoy a sweet compilation
of birthday ideas and inspiration
perhaps you are planing a special b-day party soon
and like myself are terrified of endless arcade games
and giant houses filled with air
and children screaming in delight at the top of their lungs
to the point of your ear drums exploding?
Does the idea of a backyard barbeque with adult interaction
and a chance to show off your creative spirit
and make all the other moms blush and applaud
your martha stewart you can do it attitude!
make you feel giddy and excited?
ME too!
Well I don't have little ones
so maybe I'm being a tad overzealous
of how much energy moms really have
but I know you gals have what it takes!!!
because after-all it's the blogging creative world
that I retrieve my inspiration from!

Loving ideas from ~
"Kate's Fairy Garden Birthday Party" - The TomKat Studio
"How to Throw a Super Fun, Super Cheap Event" - Babble.com
"Kendy's Big First Birthday... Party!" - Karli of Retro Plants

If your like every other mom out there
you probably have oodles of pictures of everyone else
but none of you! Make sure you change that!
Nothing's more sad that a scrapbook missing mommas face
after all, someday when you are looking back through memory lane
with your children they are going to want to see mom too -
yes even those embarrassing haircuts and spandex pants
once the energy comes back
but before the next round of birthday bashes come around
make the memories last
and to insure that all your hard work is not quickly forgotten
document the special day!
That is why I am so excited about my new kit

Here I am on my 7th birthday
gosh I remember going and seeing Beauty and the Beast in Theaters
the ball room scene where the room seems to spin still enchants me
visit my blog for my scrap pages using my new kit
and for all the digi kit sources

Enjoy a couple more retro sweet digi pages

Digi page from: Early Bird Special

~ Chelsea Ann