Friday, February 26, 2010

Dy-NO-Mite Scrapbooking

First off - Thank you so much for being so patient with us
as we worked out our pesky Internet Explorer issue.
For those who contacted us about the issue
we are still working on the sidebars
but everything should be back in place soon

I've recently been on this kick of
reminiscing about the totally sweet ol' 80s
and how fabulously AWESOME they were.
okay so I was only 5 when it was all said and over
and a new decade rolled into town
but hey it counts right?

From the Cartoons, music, and shoulder pads
it was a to the max tubular time
well at least in the eyes of a child

even now you can't help but love the look?!
yes for those of you with your heads in the sand
the 80's are totally back - like for sure!
Even those beloved characters like
Strawberry Shortcake, and My Little Ponies
have made a bright comeback

I think it is too funny that of all the lunchbox charters
I could have chosen from as a little girl
I chose Alf
and as to prove that my hubby and are a perfect match
his first lunch box was also that cat eating lovable alien - ALF
and yes we still record Alf - he is our morning background noise
as the news always puts me in a fowl mood

All Digi Backgrounds are from Karli
as she is the most Retro lov'n gal I know!
and the frames are from the Kitschiest graphic designer
in Cyber space - Danielle Thompson from Kitschy Digitals

have a Retro Sweet Weekend~


  1. Wow, I love your blog! I am also a big fan of retro, kitschy and fun stuff ;-)
    Really looking forward to read more.

    And the blog looks great now and works superfine!

    All the best to you
    //Tette (an "Internet Explorer 8" user)

  2. Love your 80's retro scrapbooking Chelsea! I adore all the cartoons you used. I think it's funny you had an Alf lunchbox, Alf has just started re screening on Australian TV along with Full House and I am loving it!