Tuesday, February 9, 2010

K.R.F. V-Day Finds

So I was thinking it might get old saying
"Hey look at these Kitschy, Retro, Fun..."
so I'm trying out the acronyms K.R.F.
hmmmmmm, Yeah I think that maybe
this isn't such a good idea afterall
but given you all know what I'm referring to this time-
here you go ~ K.R.F. V-day flickr finds to sink your teeth into ~ ENJOY!

You know ~ if you haven't made it to the super market yet
and you don't want to explain to your little princess
that all they had left were Power Ranger Valentine's Day cards

or you just want to show off how
{"I'm the most original gal in this town"}
unique and awesome you are

or because Danielle's free kit is so amazing and you just know
your friends will cry when you say I love you
with a sharp looking panda and shy little fox Valentine

Well if you said
"hey that's me!" to any of the following
click here to jump over to Danielle's blog The Thompson Family Life
for your free download!


  1. You guys are the love muffins of life & I freaking dig this place! Visiting here is like being wrapped in a colorful, cozy scarf! <3

  2. retro candy wrappers have the best designs. love #1!