Sunday, March 7, 2010

For the love of Minitoko

so *very* excited to share with all you lovely retro, kitschy peeps. . . MINITOKO!

Minitoko is the brain child of Julie Fujara. . . a France based artist whose creations revolve around kawaii. . . glorious, bright colors. . . humor. . . crafting. . . and Japan goodness!

good golly, miss Julie. . . her blog, Flickr photostream and *newly* released line of digital scrap booking products showcase her AMAZING talent and keen eye for all that is KAWAII!!!
make your heart stop CUTE.
really, don't believe me? just look:

have you stopped breathing yet from all the kawaii goodness your eyes just witnessed?

{well. . . lucky for you. . . you can get EVEN more eye candy (i know!more!?!) by visiting Julie's website. . . . . just click and PLAY!
that's right, play!
i love how Julie adds her unique styling and fun to her website. . . you can literally "play" around. so go and try. . . SO worth the trip. . . your eyes will thank you! :)}

we are just *SO* Ga-Ga over Minitoko here at Gnome-N-Birdy that we wanted to learn more about miss Julie and all that inspires her to design and create such wonderful art. . .
Julie was sweet enough to take some of her time and "sit down" and answer a couple of questions for us. . . here goes!

Gnome-N-Birdy: Where do you live?

Minitoko (Julie):
in a historic town named Bourges, center of France

Gnome-N-Birdy: What are you inspirations?

Minitoko (Julie):
Americana and japanese pop cultures used to be my favorites inspirations for a long time. But I got a obsession with anything which is colorful and/or related to sweet food ;), Modern Tiki and vintage disneyana (I cried when I visited the very first disneyland in CA !)

Gnome-N-Birdy: What are you LOVES? <3

Minitoko (Julie):
my 2 chéris : Brune my husband and Otohiko my 5 months old boy, rock'n'roll (from 1950 to 1968), Motown artists like the Temptations and girls group, the Ramones, my band les YumYumYummees(.com), Computer Graphics, Sewing and making anything with my fingers, cats, checking my contact's favorites on flickr - oh lala too many things !

thanks Julie for taking the time to share your muses for such wonderful work!

speaking of "wonderful work". . . check out these digital scrap pages by Julie:

kits used:
Kitschy Digitals

*swoon*! do you see what i mean about color and kawaii? just fantastic!
check out ALL of Minitoko's digital scrapping products HERE.
so many *new* kits to choose from. . . and *new* ones are always on the way. . .
so check back often! :)
here is a sampling:

CUTE! did you like?
well listen up!
that's right. . . yay!
Julie is the sweetest gal and is offering a *limited* edition kit available only through THIS giveaway. . . exclusive for Gnome-N-Birdy!

can you believe it?
we can't either!
pinch us all lucky. . . so, you want in?
here's what to do:

go HERE and pick our your *fav* Minitoko digital scrapping kit. . .
leave a nice comment here about your *FAV* Minitoko kit and your name and e-mail. . .
all done!

that's it :)
easy as saying "kawaii".
we will randomly draw a winner on the evening of Friday March 12th. . . midnight!
you have until then to enter. . . so hurry up!
we will announce the winner on Saturday.
{you don't want to miss this. . . trust me! did i mention it is an exclusive kit JUST for this giveaway?}

thanks JULIE for everything!
love all you do and keep it up ;)


  1. I love Minitoko's website and creatons, been visiting it a lot lately and my favorite kit is the Cute Food one, i love the faces on the different fruits and the donut also! i hope i am lucky enough to be able to win this new exclusive! :)

  2. so hard to choose! my favorite are these kawaii papers: Les petits papiers

  3. I love the needlepoint kit! Her work is such eye candy!

  4. I Adore Les petits papiers numéro 05!!

  5. my fave is girlie this and that! I love all the kits, soo cute!

  6. The Needlework Kit is so cute! I love them all, really! Such fun kits!

  7. i just LOVE everything she make and her blog as well.... my favorite is Girlie This & That mini•kit . I would love to play around wiht the kawaii ribbon kit as well.


  8. i love girlie this and that! and i love this giveaway! pleeease let it be me!

  9. ok
    the kits are **all** tooo cute.
    i think my favorite is this & that mini kit...
    or the papers... i mean all of them!!!
    gotta get some...
    what a great givaway girls...

  10. Girly This and That is adorable...but the Cute Food one is fab too!