Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Doll Face I love you! + R U UP 4 A CHALLENGE?

When Karli and I started throwing out ideas for this blog
we compiled quite a long list...
the main goal was to create a community
for all us kitschy, kawaii, bright, candy colored gals
who love scrap-booking, crafting, and the like
we both felt like we needed a place to showcase great work
and fun new products
and in just a few months we have grown to 70 strong!
But we want to grow more!!!
and we don't want to just inspire we want to play!
with you!
So how 'bout it?
If you have any ideas, work you want to share,
or maybe a product you think we should showcase next
please let us know.
One of the things I want to start
are bi-weekly or monthly scrap challenges
with themes such as a color, item, or page theme
I especially love the idea of scrap-booking what you love.
We all love our families, friends, and pets
but what about favorite items you own,
a favorite book, song, or place?
well think about it?
And be sure to let me know if the idea interest you?

Todays collection is a great example of what I'm trying to say
All these scrap'n gals
(Click on pages for source)


  1. What a awesome idea ! can't wait to play !

  2. I'm in! I need challenges!! :-) Maybe it could be both scrapbooking and other stuff if it is kind of scrap realted? :-)
    HUGS to both of you!! <3

  3. Those make me so happy! ♥ Blythe dolls!

  4. Love the idea of challenges - can´t wait to play!
    Here is a sample of a few invitation cards I made for a little ones birthday party ;-)
    Love both of yours kits and ideas.
    Happy scrapping!