Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Quirky Bean Bags?

What do you call these silly things?
Do you remember them?
I vaguely recall them from my childhood
They were filled with beans?
Well if I could sew
I think I would start making these guys
and filling them with rice
i've had a knot in my neck and shoulders all week
and a warm froggy or turtle would do just the trick I think

Winner of the Valentine's Day Giveaway is

now I'm off to sweet talk my hubby into a neck massage
or perhaps a long bubble bath will be less work ~ lol
oh how I miss the good ol' days of dating
Now when I ask for something
I get the roll of the eyes or called a nag
good grief
~ how did this happen? LOL


  1. fun is this?! Thanks so much for all the sweet valentine inspiration! Linda

  2. lol I had a beanbag frog when I was young!!