Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Very Kitschy Sweet Valentines to You

I've got a bit of a holiday decorating bug
when I was a little girl my mom had this pencil tree
that she would decorate for all the holidays
from January to the end of December
the tree was always a happy reminder
of the holidays and seasons we most loved

I love Valentines mostly for its kitschy sweet
in your face ridiculous over the top cliche ways of saying
as my husbands clearly explained to me this morning
"why do I need to write anything in your card when Hallmark says it all?!"
In the 6 years I have been with my husband
I have only ever received 3 cards
and I'm a BIG sucker for cards!
In fact ALL I am expecting this year is a card
LOL I hope he doesn't screw up!
What is it about cards that makes us feel so good?
I love having an excuse to spend a good 20 minutes or so in the card isle
and don't tell me you haven't ever secretly purchased one for yourself!
or is that just me? (BLUSHING)

This post is meant to inspire you to look
at your card collection in a whole new light
especially those of use that love collecting vintage cards
but never know quite how to display and get the most enjoyment out of them
because honestly how many of us
just have them stored in boxes and drawers?

This first project is really fun and supper easy.
A great project for showers, parties, and holiday Decor
~ would be really cute in a nursery too!

To make your own garland using vintage cards you will need
Vintage Cards - Card Stock Copies preferably
Yarn, pom poms, large needle, scissors, extra card stock and tape

Simply cut out your cards, and laying right side down
tape a strip of card stock onto the back
(tape only the ends leaving the middle clear
to insert your needle and yarn)
Once you have all you cards ready simple string
your cards and pom poms
and finish by tying loops at either end
then evenly space your cards and pom poms
and your done! easy peasy!

VINTAGE VALENTINE GREETING CARD IMAGES CD Scrap Booking Paper Crafts From the 40's - 50's

For my Valentines Garland I used this really sweet vintage Valentines digital kit
from Daine of Saturday Finds
plus my own digital kit Rainbow Rosettes

If you're wanting to make something extra special with vintage cards
but don't have quite have what you need for your theme
Etsy and other online venues are a great source
Above are just a few of Diane's projects
using cards from her own personal collection
and because Daine is just as sweet as the artwork she creates
she is giving away a copy of her Vintage Valentines Digit Kit
plus some secret something extra special to one of our commenters!
Winner will be announced Thursday

Oh I just love working on my baby scrapbook
it will be a really sweet gift for my mommy dearest someday
One of the things I want to do is scan in the baby cards
from my own original baby book - what an extra special touch
and as I am a 80's baby there are some extra cute retro fun and colorful characters :)

If you're not a digital scrapbooker you can also use vintage cards
but you will most likely want to make copies on acid free paper and such
to ensure that your memories will last for years and years to come
This Vintage Ballerina Card is a perfect example
of how you can really use any themed card to fit your page
- This card had a lot of unwanted verbiage
but with the help of Photoshop magic
the words simply disappeared.
A simple and cute idea for paper scrapbookers
is to cover those areas with glitter or flocking
but I bet you were already thinking of that, right?

Digital Sources:
Love you Mommy
Herringbone Background: Erica Hernandez
Paper Hearts: Sweet Marie from yours truly (ittybittybirdy)
Vintage Cards: Saturday Finds Vintage Valentines Cards CD

Background: Gingham Trio from the Gnome Hut
Paper Hearts, Lace, and Frame: Sweet Marie from ittybittybirdy
Vintage Card and Trim Detail: Saturday Finds Vintage Valentines Cards CD

and those rad Valentines circles are from Karli's fab
Valentines Freebie!

Happy V-day to you!
P.S. Don't forget to comment
for your chance to win the very kitschy
Vintage Valentines CD from Saturday Finds!


  1. sweet, those cards are cute! hope i win. :)

  2. I just discovered your new blog via Diane's blog post!!! Such cute valentines indeed!!!

  3. What great fun...can't wait to check out your kits!!!

  4. I love the valentine banner you've shared with us!I think I'll try and find some sweet Spring/Easter cards and do the same. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Hello girls ! I LOVE the stitched design of your blog and merci for adding me in your sidebar ! keep on the very good work ;)