Thursday, April 8, 2010

Macaroon delights!

go and check out this AMAZING digital *freebie* from Katrina over at PuglyPixel!
just delicious and sweet and ALL things good!

this gnome and birdy LOVE it!
go and get some macaroons for yourself HERE

"Cute as a macaroon"
made by. . . Karli Plant

kits used:
Pugly Pixel: macaroons
Kitschy Digitals: vintage stacking flowers, cabinet cards
Minitoko: cute foods
Three Paper Peonies: school paper


  1. ah ah ! French macarons ! Sooooooooooooooo yummy !
    and look at those beautiful eyes ! my heart is melting...

  2. This is put me in a tizzy of happiness! I went and got Macaroons before we left Portland! Oh gosh what I wouldn't do for one right now! Karli! I love the digi page! ACKKKKKK! Fantastic! ~ Chelsea Ann (aka birdy)
    P.S. how amazing is Katrina!? I want to kiss her!

  3. OMG. WOW!!! you're an awesome designer, KARLI!!! :D

  4. WOW, this is AMAZING!!! i love it!! your little girl is soooo freaking adorable too!!

  5. do you have a video or a posting somewhere telling how you do these digital scrap pages? they are awesome! still looking around your blog~

  6. So adorable! I want to make online scrap book pages, but I'm not sure what I would do with them once they are made.

  7. The macaroons look so yummy!