Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Sweet Yummy Goodness of Digi Scrap'n

Don't feel silly if you don't really "get" the whole digital scrapbooking thing
you're not alone! In fact the majority of people I talk to
have no clue what it is? I'm in NO way an expert on the subject
but I thought some of you would enjoy a relatively quick guide
to what you need and need to know to get started.

from Two Peas in a Bucket
- I would highly recommend reading this
to get you started :)

First: You need Software
- this is where I am a little ignorant. I use Adobe Photoshop.
There are other programs that you can use
but again I can't tell you the pros and cons of one software program vs. another.
The price of Photoshop might give you sticker shock,
in which case you might look into Photoshop Elements.
I've also never used this program but I hear its a good choice
for getting started and those who are little skittish of learning new technologies.
for getting the best price look into purchasing a used version (maybe CS3)
or see if you can get a student discount

Second: Learn the basics
You don't have to go to school to learn how to use these programs.
I'm self taught :) and I believe Karli is too!
My suggestion is to purchase a " software" for Dummies book.
Whatever one is dedicated to the software you have.
The first thing you will want to learn are the basic tools.
Don't be scared off by the terminology! It really doesn't matter...
you can just learn the images on the buttons.
*try to learn the key commands! They ROCK!
Next you will want to learn about layers.
Also learn basic saving techniques so that you can come back
and work on a project and for posting your work on-line.
plus if you want to print eventually learn the difference between RGB/CMYK

Third: Buy kits
Once you have the software digital scrapbooking is far less expensive
than traditional scrapbooking products.
Kits prices range from around $1 up to $8 or so,
with most kits probably in the $2-4 range.
PLUS you can download freebies,
which we are showcasing on our blog all the time :)
Once you have purchased your kit you will have it forever.
FOR E V E R - Yeah I'm saying it like The Sandlot style
There is no oops moments with the glue and scissors.
Plus printing is always an option.

Fourth: Displaying Your Scrapbook
There are many ways to display your digi scrapbook
if you are technology savvy you can make a slideshow movie
I made one this Christmas for my family by first making a slide show of my pages
then used iDVD to turn it into a movie.
It was all relatively simple and looked really professional
+ it was a huge money saver compared to purchasing gifts for everyone :)
You can also have your scrapbook printed and bound
to share with your family and friends over a cup of jo.
You could upload them to a digital picture frame viewer
or make a private (or public) website for friends and family
to view from all over the globe

In short Digital Scrapbooking is fun!
and a wee bit addictive... so be careful ;)
Feel free to ask either myself or Karli basic technique questions
we are always happy to help
we hope that perhaps one or two of you will get the digi bug too
and maybe soon we will be showcasing your work on

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  1. I always say to my students when they come first to Photoshop : "if you want to do anything and it doesn't work, THINK layers !" ;)

  2. Hi, Girls everything looks so fun! I am working on a Virtual baby Shower right now, so that is a new venue for me! Hugs, Diane

  3. Great advice! Thank you for this post!

  4. it IS addictive!
    thanks for featuring my layout!
    you girls rocks!!
    love ya!