Monday, December 20, 2010

Bring on the JUNK!

Avery's Journal

I recently stumbled upon the concept of Junk or Junque Journaling.
Basic concept: Fill your sketchbook with random "junk", the more the better!
The themes for junk journals are endless. Some make collage book about special memories, or things they dream about. For others it's all about total destructions with topics like "Place sticky things here". if you need ideas to keep you going you might be interested in the sketchbook Wreck this Journal. I think this book would be a great way for young artist to explore new ideas and mediums. I think I'm going to get one myself and make it a group activity with my future foster kids. Yes, if you don't read my ittybittybirdy blog - my husband and I are going to be foster parents soon! If you are not into journals or don't think your are an artist try to think about your own scrap-booking and how random "junk" might transform it.

Riley's 3rd Cover
Riley's Journal- Broken Clavicle
Noah's Journal-First Vacation
December Daily Cover
December Daily - Day 18
December Daily - Day 15
WTJ Wrecked Lost Star's Page
WTJ Place Sticky Things Here
WTJ  Using the Test Page while I wreck Lost Star's Page

Click on the images for the sources to these great examples
and to see more of their amazing work :D


  1. I have a Wreck This Journal too, and I absolutely loooove it :)

  2. Thanks so much for featuring me, Chelsea Ann! I haven't heard the term "Junque Journaling" before, but it certainly fits- I use all kinds of paper ephemera (junk!) that is significant to the event I'm journaling about.

    Congrats on your decision to become foster parents! I know you've had struggles becoming pregnant (I went through that to a lesser degree, too...), so hopefully this will be wonderfully fulfilling venture for your family!

  3. Oh, wow! I love your blog! I just found it this morning and spent a while visiting your posts. It's so cheery. I'll be back when I can stay longer.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine