Friday, December 17, 2010

Retro*Kitschy*Fun **NEW** Etsy Fridays

I really am terribly humiliated by my pathetic blogging this past year.I let this blog fall to the waist side and for that I apologize.

I've been contemplating writing a goodbye post but I can't even seem to get that done.I love the idea of this blog, and so must you because within such a short period of time and with so few post there are so many of you! So I'm going to give it one more go and see if I can't get my little butt in gear.I think having some schedule will help, and so my first new blog topic

is Etsy Fridays

RETRO: Created by me - ittybittybirdy
















Kitschy: Created by UfiaFair


  1. I am so honored! Thank you for featuring me :) I so love this blog wow :D

  2. thanks so much for posting again!
    please continue doing so!

  3. thanks for including my rabbit in your fine treasury!